terminal architecture

by secret smoker

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This song is about people-watching in airports. I found it fascinating that people used to be able to smoke on airplanes and now it is a wicked act with ash trays reminding you of no smoking everywhere. The smokers are like statues behind glass walls in the smoking section. Everybody just walks past staring at them like a zoo exhibition.They have become an untouchable caste and smoking has become a shameful act...they are outsiders, untouchables behind glass walls so we can watch them. Culture suppresses this new caste of abandoned culture that was once perfectly acceptable.

I think it has to do with the association of death with the action of smoking. Smoking kills you. People don't want to think about death in airports...so they put them on display in a social demonstration of control. These glass walls keep the death inside. But the exhaust from the jet engines is okay. The airport is safe now. Keep moving along people.

I feel like we can relate to this. We grew up skateboarding and playing punk rock in the 90's when it was associated with violence and drugs by popular culture (even though we were non-violent and not doing drugs). It was our rebellion. It made us feel like outsiders. It was not acceptable activity...then when it started making money overnight it was suddenly okay.

As happy as it made us for punk rock and skateboarding to become popular and acceptable; I could not help but feel somewhat disenfranchised. I spent all that time embracing the fact that my friends and I had our own world and no one else understood it. I accepted it, it was my cocoon. Suddenly, they act like we were never there. Again-I am an outsider.

I have learned to let go of this feeling. I am happy that people have an outlet.

Don't do what would not be okay for everyone else to do.


Here are the lyrics to this song:



I sit and stare and I'm watching
I sit and stare in a fixed point
I sit and stare and your walking

I stretch my eyes just to maintain
the broadest focus
unmoved by time
unmoved by matter
it doesn't matter
when has it ever mattered?

now I am in this fixed point
staring at a wall
looks like a window
in this corner

this breath satiates an outsider
an outsider.


released January 1, 2013
billytheliving - bass/vocals/lyrics
mark -guitar/vocals
matt - drums

written and performed by secret smoker



all rights reserved


secret smoker Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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